An Aerogram or Air Letter, also called an aérogramme, is a thin lightweight piece of foldable and gummed paper for writing a letter for transit via airmail, in which the letter and Envelope are one and the same.  Most postal authorities forbid enclosures in these light letters, which are usually sent abroad at a preferential rate.… Continue reading

Aerophilately is the branch of Philately that specializes in the study of airmail.  Philatelists have observed the development of mail transport by air from its beginning, and all aspects of airmail service have been extensively studied and documented by specialists.


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Astrophilately is the area of Philately connected with astronomy and efforts to reach outer space, both manned and unmanned.  Topics of interest include postage stamps, Cancellations, and Covers connected to various projects.  Examples include rocket mail, dating from as early as the 1930s, and mail actually carried on space flights, a practice that began with Project Apollo missions, and has continued since then. … Continue reading

Markings applied to cards/Covers/Entires by the post office to explain a delay or facilitate delivery.

Auxiliary Markings

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Postmark applied to reverse that represents receiving post office or a transit post office.


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A type of Cancellation used in Victoria from 1856 until early 20th century.

Barred Numeral

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Printed or stamped design on an Envelope.


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A cancellation (or cancel for short) is a postal marking applied to a postage stamp or postal Stationery indicating that the item has been used.  Modern Cancellations are often applied simultaneously with a postmark, for efficiency, and commonly the terms “cancellation” and “postmark” are used interchangeably, if incorrectly. … Continue reading

1] double circle: inner circle being 2 open arcs;
2] above: with slotted inner circle;
3] above: inner being 2 closed arcs aka Italian or Guller cancel known from Italy, Peru and Spain;
4] above: with ⅔rds inner circle with upper crossbar used Germany;
5] above: closed bridge being closed arcs top/bottom within inner circle;
6] above: open bridge aka Swiss or Austrian cancel being 2 arcs with 2 crossbars in centre;
7] box cancel;
8] scallop cancel: mainly used in France.… Continue reading

Cinderellas are local stamps, telegraph stamps, railway stamps, Revenues/fiscals, forgeries, bogus and phantom issues.  Christmas, Red Cross, TB and other charity seals, registration labels, advertisement and exhibition labels and many other items.


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